1. When will I get my order?

Your shipment will be sent within one or two business days after the order is received and we have a payment confirmed. Please keep in mind that money transfers in the case of a bank wire take anywhere between one and three days.

2. Can somebody else pay on my behalf?

All of the orders have to be paid for by the individual that has made a Macoins Gold registration and whose name will be appearing on the invoice. The name on the invoice should be the same as the name appearing on the payment document issued by the respective operator (PayPal, bank, Visa or MasterCard). Otherwise, the payment cannot be accepted.

3. How can I sell my gold and silver to Macoins Gold?

The price at which we’re going to buy will appear right next to the product you’re interested in selling. One of our customer service reps will confirm that price by mail. Emails are sent during working hours (9am to 6pm). Once the payment has been confirmed, you’ll be asked to send the product that you’d like to sell to our warehouse. As the seller, you’ll be responsible for the shipment and insurance costs. At the warehouse, our experts will examine the coins or bars you’d like to sell. Please make sure that you send us a signed form that describes the item you’d like to sell, the quantity and the agreed-upon price. Your payment will be sent immediately after the items get expert approval. Please include bank account information in the form that you’re sending to us. If your items don’t get expert approval, they will be shipped back to you. Macoins Gold isn’t responsible for the shipping costs.

4. Can I buy products from a Macoins Gold office?

Due to security reasons, the Macoins Gold offices can handle orders worth no more than 1,000 euro. In addition, you need to have a preliminary appointment. All other product purchases are handled via our website and delivered to the customer’s address through our logistical partners.

5. Does it matter whether I give a home or an office address?

It’s up to you to give us an address where the products you ordered will be delivered. For many people, an office address is more convenient since the items are delivered during work hours.

6. How can I pay for my purchase?

You can pay for the order in several ways. Before ending the purchase, choose one of the payment methods available:
  • A bank transfer to one of the accounts mentioned in the invoice you’ve been issued
  • Visa or MasterCard payment
  • PayPal
  • Payment upon the delivery of the products
  • Payment at one of the Macoins Gold offices if the value of the products that you purchased doesn’t exceed 1,000 euro

7. What happens after I complete my order?

You will receive an email invoice that contains all of the data about the order. It will also feature the payment method of preference.

8. When will the products I ordered be shipped?

The order will be sent immediately after the payment is received.

9. What is VAT (value added tax) and how does it affect my order?

There’s no VAT for investment products like gold bars and coins in the EU member states. VAT will be added solely to the purchase of silver bars, coins and medals.