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Product information "Gold coin American еagle 1/10 oz"

The concept for the creation of the coin “American Eagle” originated in 1986 from the American congressman Ron Paul. In 1985, the US Congress passes a Gold Bill, according to which gold used for release of this coin shall originate from gold deposits, situated in the territory of USA.

The coin “American Eagle” is a legal payment method in USA and is released in the following sizes – 1 troy ounce, 1/2 troy ounces, 1/4 troy ounces and 1/10 troy ounces.

The obverse depicts the Statute of Liberty, created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It holds an olive branch in its left hand, and a torch in its right hand. The external ring of the coin has an inscription “Liberty”, and its year of release is 2015.

The reverse side depicts a couple of eagles. The male eagle carries an olive branch in its beak and is landing in the nest, where the female eagle is, with the newly hatched baby eagles. This image depicts American traditions and family values. The external ring of the coin has an inscription “United States of America”, “1/10 oz Fine Gold” and face value 5 US dollars.

Manufacturer: The United States Mint
Metal: Au 917/1000
Mintage: n/a
Nominal: 5 USD
Size: 16.5 mm
Thickness: 1.26 mm
Weight: 1/10 oz, 3.11 g

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