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Macoins Gold Affiliate Program: Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a way to make money with a lucrative affiliate program? Macoins Gold gives you that opportunity. Even if you are not currently considering investing in gold or silver, you can become our partner and benefit from our affiliate program.

Affiliate program of Macoins Gold

Do you have a website or blog? If your answer is yes, then the Macoins Gold affiliate program is just for you.

All you have to do is place a Macoins Gold banner on your website or blog. You will receive instructions for the initial configuration of the banner by e-mail. We track redirects from our affiliate partners, leading to more opportunities to increase your profits.

Macoins Gold stores cookie information from the website of each of its affiliate partners. Within 90 days after the first visit of a customer to the Macoins Gold website by redirecting from your banner and making a purchase, you receive a commission on the purchased products.

Terms and conditions

The amount of the commission depends on the type of gold or silver product that the customer has purchased after being transferred from your site. Macoins Gold Commission Levels:

  • Purchase of Macoins Gold: 5%
  • Purchase of Macoins Gold: 10%
  • Purchase of gold bars: 0.2%
  • Purchase of silver bar: 0.5%
  • Purchase of gold coin: 0.2%
  • Purchase of silver coin: 0.5%

The benefits of being an affiliate of Macoins Gold

If you have a specialized website or an audience that is interested in investing in gold and silver, participating in the Macoins Gold affiliate program is a unique opportunity to earn extra income each month. Depending on the audience and traffic of the site, at the end of each period, you may receive a commission as our affiliate partner.

Why get involved? Some of the biggest benefits of Macoins Gold's affiliate program:

  • Simplified rules and conditions for participation
  • Favourable commissions
  • If you have a well-developed and popular site, you will earn your commissions easier
  • As an affiliate, you decide how much time to spend on marketing and site development. This gives you more freedom and flexibility
  • There are no fees for joining the program

You do not need to store, transport or handle the products - leave it to us and get your commission

Are you ready to get started? Or maybe you have a question about our affiliate program? Contact us and become part of the Macoins Gold team.