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Become a Macoins Gold Affiliate: Everything You Need to Know

Want an opportunity to make some money with a lucrative affiliate program? Macoins Gold gives you such an option. Even if you aren’t considering the purchase of gold and silver right now, you can become our partner and earn from this collaboration.

The Macoins Gold Affiliate Program

Do you have a website or a blog? If so, the Macoins Gold affiliate program is ideal for you.

All that you have to do is place a banner linking to Macoins Gold. You’ll get everything necessary to complete the initial setup via email. We track the redirects from our affiliates, which results in lucrative monetization opportunities.

Over the 90 days, each client that buys a Macoins Gold product after being redirected from your website or blog will earn you a commission.

Terms and Conditions

The size of the commission will depend on the type of gold or silver product that an individual will purchase after getting redirected from your website. The current commission rates are set at:

  • For buying a Macoins Gold gold medal: 5%
  • For buying a Macoins Gold silver medal: 10%
  • For a gold bar: 0.2%
  • For a silver bar: 0.5%
  • For buying a gold coin: 0.2%
  • For buying a silver coin: 0.5%

Benefits of Becoming a Macoins Gold Affiliate

Being an affiliate marketer, especially if you have a niche website and an audience interested in gold and silver investment, will give you a lucrative opportunity to earn a nice income. Depending on the traffic and your audience specifics, you may end up generating significant amounts through the participation in the Macoins Gold program. 

Why should you join this opportunity? Some of the biggest Macoins Gold affiliate program benefits include: 

  • Simple and easy terms and conditions
  • Lucrative commissions
  • If you have a well-developed and popular website, you’ll be free from having to work hard in order to earn a commission
  • As an affiliate, you decide how much time you want to dedicate to website development and marketing (flexibility and freedom)
  • There are no setup fees or initial charges
  • You don’t have to store, ship or work with products – leave that to us and earn your commission

Ready to get started? Or maybe you have some questions about the program? Contact us today and join the Macoins Gold team.

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