Interested in finding a sound investment option? You’ve probably heard that the popularity of precious metal investment has been increasing because gold and silver maintain their value in the long run, act as a buffer against inflation, they have universal value and there’s a wide range of precious metal investments to choose among.

Welcome to Macoins Gold – an online store that will give you the opportunity to buy and sell gold and silver, discover the best gold coins to buy and even sell your coins or bullion upon necessity.


Macoins Gold gives its clients a comprehensive service. Apart from getting to buy gold bullion online, you’ll also enjoy the perfect opportunity to sell your precious metals back to us.

To buy gold and silver coins or bullion, you’ll have to go through a basic process. Take a look at our extensive product catalog. We have coins, medals, as well as investment gold and silver. Click on each image to see more information about the particular item. If you feel happy with the selection and you’d like to buy, click on Add to Shopping Cart.

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Since we believe that our clients deserve the best, we’ve created a range of quality gold and silver products. Here’s the specialized Macoins Gold range:

Gold medals: the range of Macoins Gold coins consists of nearly 20 varieties. Our gold medals have been produced following the latest standards in the field. The weight ranges from 2.25 to 15.55 grams. For more information, please visit the Macoins Gold medals page. Each gold medal is supplied with a quality box.

Silver medals: our product line extends to include silver medals, as well. The silver medals range in weight from three to 15.55 grams and each one comes in a sophisticated, high quality box.

Investment gold bars: if you’re looking to buy gold bullion online, this option is ideal for you. The investment gold range consists of gold bars ranging in weight from one to 100 grams. The purity of the gold is 999.9/1,000. All of the Macoins Gold bars are produced by Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR) in Turkey. Buying our gold bars is one of the most affordable options since the price is similar to that of stock gold. Apart from our range of products, you can also purchase gold bars produced by Argor Heraeus in Switzerland and Perth Mint in Australia.


Investing in gold and silver is an excellent opportunity to ensure long-term financial stability for just about anyone.

Should I invest in gold? Is this a question you ask yourself, yet you still remain hesitant? Buying precious metals is the perfect opportunity if you:

  • Are worried about recessions and the fluctuating value of currency
  • Want to possess an investment asset that will continue appreciating in value over the years to come
  • Want to possess an investment asset that has gained value through the years (gold and silver have both exhibited fairly consistent price increase throughout history)
  • Want to have a hedge against inflation
  • Are concerned about the political and economic stability of your country
  • Want to create a diversified investment portfolio that includes at least one stable option
  • Need an investment asset that carries no credit risk
  • Want a product that has a low or even negative correlation to other asset classes like stocks and bonds


We have years of experience in the fields of gold and silver investment, as well as financial services. We understand the market and know what it takes to give customers a reliable and cost-efficient investment opportunity.

Over the years, we’ve understood that people want the best gold coins to buy and they’re looking for such products online. This is how Macoins Gold was born. We pride ourselves in the quality customer service, the range of options that our clients benefit from and the authenticity of all products sold through the online store.

Eager to find out what gold coins to buy? Want to sell gold and silver? We can help with both. Take a look at our product range or contact us today to have your questions answered and pick the investment option that will be best suited to your needs.

Gold coins 1 oz Australian Lunar Series III Year of the Ox 2021
Gold coins 1 oz Australian Lunar Series III Year of the Ox 2021